Garlic is grown natively in the Central Asia region and is considered to be among the close relatives of onions, shallot, leek, chive etc. Ancient Egyptians considered garlic as a food so potent, that it could be used as flavouring dishes as well as medicine. India is the second largest producer of garlic and Sky Line Star Exim provides the highest quality of garlic for your import.

With Garlic, comes loads of other benefits to your body. Garlic is a highly nutritious product with very less calories. It can fight sickness of the body, including common cold and flu. Garlic is also known to contain active compounds that could help reduce the blood pressure in the body. Considered as an aid for the heart patients, Garlic helps in reducing the risk of heart disease by directly minimizing the cholesterol levels in the body.

At Skyline Star Exim, we make sure that every individual garlic we pick for your imports would be procured keeping in mind you quality requirements. We are among the largest suppliers of garlic worldwide and we’re determined to supply products at reasonable price to all importers.

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